Fairbridge Capital Partners – Providing “Expertise, Access & Opportunity” in Puerto Rico

With offices in Puerto Rico and the United States, Fairbridge Capital Partners provides institutional clients with Local Expertise, Relationship Access and Strategic Opportunities. Fairbridge Capital Partners has a unique footprint and significant presence in both Puerto Rico and the United States.  Fairbridge possesses the regional expertise and relationship access required to meaningfully participate and win opportunity in this somewhat centralized market. Our team has developed high-level relationships that enable us to efficiently navigate the political, legal, cultural, and structural realities that set Puerto Rico apart from the United States. Consequently, in addition to sourcing investment opportunities, we provide the requisite information and transaction support necessary for successful institutional investment in this US territory. The Fairbridge management team is located in Southern California and has decades of experience transacting with domestic institutional investors. The combination of proximity to both opportunity in Puerto Rico and institutional investors in the United States provides a compelling value-proposition for our customer base.

Market Specialists
Consistent with our goal of providing institutional investors with a deep understanding of Puerto Rico and the compelling investment opportunities therein, we have assembled a team of specialists and experts that include:

  • Real Estate – An experienced real estate entrepreneur with the largest property management firm in Puerto Rico, having over 2.6 million square feet across different types of real estate related assets.
  • Private Equity – Previously an analyst in the Banking Structure Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and Director of the Venture Capital Division of the Economic Development Bank “EDB” in Puerto Rico.
  • Economist – Politically attuned to the economic and legislative reform landscape, sought-after advisor to previous Governors with deep government agency relationships
  • Registered Investment Advisor – Having more than $3Billion of Puerto Rico institutional Assets Under Management - including endowments, foundations and pension funds.
  • Legal – Our legal resources on the island cover disciplines that include employment, investment banking, taxation and government relations.


Puerto Rico Investment Coverage

  • High Yield/Distressed bonds
  • Real Estate - distressed commercial, multi-family & residential properties
  • REO opportunities coming from banks
  • Private Equity
  • Whole loan packages


For more information on how our team

can assist you with your investments in Puerto Rico.

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