Fixed Income Trading

The fixed income market has transitioned itself significantly in the past decade.Although more transparent and liquid than in the past it still suffers from the lack of a centralized exchange. The result is a very large market containing disparate data, pricing and product access.With our staff and systems we address these challenges and aim to provide a solution while attempting to convert these market inefficiencies into opportunities.

  • Domestic Fixed Income Market
  • Corporate
  • Agency
  • Treasury
  • Mortgage backed
  • Money Market
  • Municipal

Our infrastructure and positioning empowers us with the ability to service a wide spectrum of transaction flows. Through our trading platform and internalized applications we are able to source middle-market (<1MM) positions in a quick and effective way making such transactions economically viable. These resources also provide us with an interconnected network of counter parties allowing us to be an aggressive bidder on such securities. Our deep relationships,underwriting capabilities, and systems also facilitate much larger transactions(>25MM). These transactions carry with them a heightened level of due diligence and product resources, both of which are addressed by our staff and systems.

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